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Sec. 70-771. – Special use permit required.

Each application for a special use permit to construct a manufactured home park or to enlarge an existing mobile home park shall be accompanied by four copies of a site plan pursuant to section 70-116, showing the location of common trash containers, location and size of driveways, parking areas, playgrounds, utilities, service buildings, other buildings, manufactured or mobile home spaces, and setbacks from all public roads.

(Ord. of 5-2-1996, § 1401)

Sec. 70-772. – Minimum area.

Each manufactured home space shall have a minimum area of 5,000 square feet and a minimum width of 40 feet.

(Ord. of 5-2-1996, § 1402)

Sec. 70-773. – Separation of homes.

Spaces shall be designed such that no manufactured home is closer than ten feet to any other space. No space shall be located closer to the park boundary than 25 feet. Each space shall be clearly defined on the ground by permanent markers.

(Ord. of 5-2-1996, § 1403)

Sec. 70-774. – Streets and parking areas.

All internal streets and parking areas shall be designed and constructed to the state department of transportation subdivision street standards. Parking spaces shall be provided outside of the right-of-way at a rate of two parking spaces for each manufactured home space, plus one guest parking space for every ten manufactured home spaces. Each parking space shall be at least nine feet wide and 18 feet deep. Approved street lighting shall be provided for every 200 linear feet of internal street and at each entrance to or exit from the park. Lighting shall be directed away from adjacent properties and roadways so that it does not create a nuisance or safety hazard.

(Ord. of 5-2-1996, § 1404)

Sec. 70-775. – Water and sewer systems.

Each manufactured home space shall have an adequate supply of water approved by the state department of health. All domestic waste water shall empty into a sewage treatment system approved by the state department of health.

(Ord. of 5-2-1996, § 1405)

Sec. 70-776. – Solid waste disposal.

Solid waste shall be collected and disposed of as frequently as necessary, but not less than twice weekly, at the park owner’s expense. The manner of disposal shall be approved by the county.

(Ord. of 5-2-1996, § 1406)

Sec. 70-777. – Recreation space.

At least 500 square feet of playground space shall be provided and maintained for each space. Each park shall provide at least two playgrounds, and no playground shall be less than 10,000 square feet in area. At least one shall be improved with equipment appropriate to preschool and elementary schoolchildren, and at least one shall be improved with equipment appropriate for secondary schoolchildren. Such playgrounds shall be located on the same lot as the manufactured homes and shall be available for entry and use by the occupants. The owner shall designate an agent, satisfactory to the board of supervisors, to maintain such playgrounds without expense to the county. Such areas shall be used exclusively for recreation and shall not include parking lots, streets or other impervious surfaces.

(Ord. of 5-2-1996, § 1407)

Secs. 70-778—70-810. – Reserved.