112 West Main Street
P.O. Box 111
Orange, Virginia 22960

Secs. 46-1—46-50. – Reserved.

Sec. 46-51. – Index adopted.

The “Orange County Road Name Index,” which is on file in the office of the county administrator, is adopted as the official listing of names for streets and roads in the county; and such roads are given the names listed in such index.

(Ord. of 8-11-1987)

Sec. 46-52. – Assigning names.

The county administrator is authorized to assign names to any unnamed road, public or private, in the county which provides access to two or more occupied buildings with telephones.

(Ord. of 8-11-1987)

Sec. 46-53. – Registration of road names.

No street or road outside the limits of incorporated towns within the county shall be assigned a name on a subdivision plat or otherwise until such name is registered with the county administrator and added to the county road name index, and the county administrator shall have the authority to refuse registration of any name already in use or confusingly similar to a name which is registered.

(Ord. of 8-11-1987)

Sec. 46-54. – Negotiation of name changes.

The county administrator is directed to negotiate with residents along streets or roads bearing duplicate or confusingly similar names in the county and to change the names of such roads or streets to eliminate such duplications.

(Ord. of 8-11-1987)

Sec. 46-55. – Street signs.

The county administrator is authorized and directed to secure and place street signs at intersections within the county. The cost of such signs shall be appropriated from the funds being collected from telephone users from the fees under the E-911 system.

(Ord. of 8-11-1987)

Secs. 46-56—46-75. – Reserved.

Sec. 46-76. – Assignment, display of numbers.

(a) House numbers shall be assigned to each dwelling or other building in the county. The combination of such number and the road name assigned shall be the official location of such dwelling or other building, and such number shall be displayed by the owner or occupant of such building in a manner specified by the board of supervisors by resolution.

(b) Within the Lake of the Woods Subdivision, the location of each dwelling or other building and the manner of display of such number shall be as directed by appropriate resolution of the Lake of the Woods Association and approved by the board of supervisors.

(c) Within the incorporated towns within the county, the location of each dwelling or building shall be the combination of the house number and street name assigned by the appropriate town council, and the display of such number shall be in the manner specified by resolution of the appropriate town council.

(Ord. of 8-11-1987)

Sec. 46-80 – Designation of Lake of the Woods

The streets and roads contained within the Lake of the Woods subdivision are specifically designated as “Highways” as that term is defined in Va. Code §46.2-100.

(Ord. of 12/15/2015)