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Secs. 38-1—38-30. – Reserved.

Sec. 38-31. – Off-duty employment authorized.

Pursuant to the authority of Code of Virginia, §§ 15.2-1712 and 18.2-340.1(1), law enforcement officers and deputy sheriffs may engage in off-duty employment which may occasionally require the use of their police powers in the performance of such employment. The sheriff may promulgate such rules and regulations as he may deem reasonable and necessary regarding such off-duty employment.

(Ord. of 12-9-1986, § 1)

Sec. 38-32. – Qualifications of off-duty employees.

Only persons trained as law enforcement officers shall be eligible for off-duty employment authorized in section 38-31.

(Ord. of 12-9-1986, § 2)